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1975-1978 Mustang V8 Motor Mount Rebuild Kit


If your old original 302 motor mounts are worn out, then here is a rebuild kit to freshen them up. Kit contains new urethane blocks,bolts,lock washers and locknuts to rebuild both motor mounts. Includes instructions.


Note - These are the "originals" designed and tested by Brett. These are drop shipped directly to you from Canada.





1975-1978 Mustang Hood Insulation



Under hood insulation to keep engine heat from damaging the paint on your hood. This is usually missing. Flat, die-cut insulation. Retainer clips sold separately.




HOOD INSULATION SPECIAL!! Get the hood insulation and 12 retainer clips for one low price of $32. That's a savings of $6.80.







1974-1978 Mustang Hood Insulation Clip




74-78 Mustang hood insulation pad retaining clip.


$ .90/ea



1974-78 Mustang Hood Adjustment  Bumpers


Rubber hood adjustment bumpers that mount on the radiator support.







1974-1978 Mustang hood prop rod pivot clip




Hood prop rod pivot clip that mounts to inner fender apron.







1974-1978 Mustang hood prop rod cradle clip




Hood prop rod cradle that mounts on the radiator support.



colors may vary





1975-1978 Mustang V8 Air Cleaner Wingnut




Air cleaner wingnut for 75-78 V8 engines. 1/4" thread.





1977-1978 Mustang V8 302 Air Cleaner Wingnut Washer



Washer for under the air cleaner wingnut on 77-78 V8 302 engines with aluminum air cleaner lids. This is a correct washer with rubber on the underside. These are NOS items that I found a deal on and will be sold at this price until they are sold out. The OEM units were twice the price. I have 20 of them at this price then they go back to $20 unfortunately.



no longer available




1974-1978 Mustang Battery Cooling Duct Clips




74-78 Mustang battery cooling duct retaining clips.



$ .90/ea




1974-1978 Mustang Hood Latch Cable Clip




74-78 Mustang hood latch cable retaining clip. This is the clip that holds the hood release cable to the inner fender apron.






1974-1978 Mustang Air Deflector Clips




74-78 Mustang radiator deflector retaining clips. These are the retaining pins for the rubbery flaps on top of the radiator support.



$ .75/ea


1974-1978 Mustang Master Cylinder Cap


74-78 Mustang master cylinder cap. Available in chrome or cadmium(gold colored). Comes with a new lockdown wire clamp and gasket. Look at the picture before ordering as Im not sure exactly what years use this style cap. The top of your master cylinder must measure roughly 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" with your old cap off in order for these caps to fit. This is a nice reproduction replacement cap but not concourse correct.


Item #2162


$14.95/ea cadmium

$16.95/ea chrome



1974-1978 Mustang Master Cylinder Cap Gasket




74-78 Mustang master cylinder cap gasket. Look at the picture to make sure the gasket looks like yours. Im not sure what years had this style master cylinder.


Item #2167







1974-1978 Mustang water control valve




Valve that installs in the heater hose to shut off the flow of hot water thru the heater core on A/C equipped cars. Fits all engine sizes with A/C.







1974-1978 Mustang air cleaner heat duct tube




Cardboard heat duct tube that runs from the exhaust manifold up to the air cleaner snout on V6 and V8 engines.




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