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1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 74 75 76 77 78 mustang ii console lid




1974-1978 Mustang console lid




1974-1978 Mustang reproduction console lid. Available in black only. Can be dyed for other colors.


Note - e-mail for availability




1974-1978 Mustang Carpet

Front and rear carpet sets made by ACC. Nice quality and fit. Some colors may require that you send me a small sample to match as close as possible and may take extra time. Carpet is direct ship from the manufacturer and is non-returnable except if defective. Can now be direct shipped to Canada.


NOTE - In response to some feedback about the carpet being too short at the side sill plates I now order the carpet with the sides un-trimmed to keep this from happening.


Front passenger area - $165

Rear hatch cargo area - $140 (2-pc)

Front & rear set (hatchback) - $285

Prices do not include shipping.



1974-1978 Mustang headliner


NOTE-THE MATERIAL FOR THESE HEADLINERS IS BEING DISCONTINUED SO AVAILABILITY IS BECOMING VERY LIMITED. Original grain and texture headliner available in hatchback,t-top or coupe models in red,black,dark blue,medium blue,turquoise,maroon,chamois,tan and off-white.





1974-1978 Mustang Sunvisor Rods


Plastic sunvisor rods with rubber tip. Fits all years.




1974-1978 Mustang Sunvisor Rubber Tips






Rubber sunvisor tips only. Fits all years.





1974-1978 A/T Shifter Bezel Seal




74-78 Mustang A/T shifter bezel seal. Seals the opening of the bezel where the shifter sticks up thru.


Item #7351





1974-1978 Emergency Brake Lever Seal




74-78 Mustang emergency brake to console opening seal. Rubber seal mounts inside the console to seal the opening where the emergency brake lever sticks out thru.


Item #6904612






1976-1978 Mustang Seat Back Release Knob




74-78 Mustang chrome plated plastic seat back release knob.


Item #62622






1974-1978 Mustang A/T Brake Pedal Pad






Automatic transmission brake pedal pad. Fits all years but may not be concourse correct for earlier cars.







1974-1978 Mustang clutch/brake pedal pad




Clutch and brake(M/T only) pedal pad.



$8/ea or 2 for $15




1974-1978 Mustang custom 5.0 clutch/brake pedal pad


Clutch and brake(M/T only) pedal pads with custom 5.0 imprint.






1974-1978 Mustang Jack Instructions Decal









Jacking instructions decal. Adheres in the trunk area next to the spare tire. Specify year.


Item#DF0566 - 1974-75

#DF0567 - 1976

#DF0918 - 1977 - 78



1974-1978 Mustang Glovebox Maintenance Schedule "B" decal


Maintenance schedule B decal adheres inside glovebox. Verify your application.





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