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Hood adjustment bumpers




Rubber hood adjustment bumpers that mount on the radiator support.








Hood prop rod pivot clip




Hood prop rod pivot clip that mounts to inner fender apron.





Hood prop rod cradle clip


Hood prop rod cradle clip. Mounts on top of radiator support.







Fuel filler grommet




Grommet seals fuel filler inlet pipe to gas tank.




I know it fits 73-80 Pintos.



Fuel tank vent valve grommet




Fuel tank vapor vent valve grommet.








Fuel sender lock ring




Fuel sender lock ring. Locks fuel sender to gas tank.







Fuel sender O-ring




Fuel sender o-ring. Seals fuel sender to gas tank.







Fuel tank vent valve




Fuel tank vent valve. May not fit all applications. 1/4" nipple. Verify your application. Service replacement.





Fuel sender float




Fuel sender brass float.






Fuel Sender Inlet Filter




These are replacement 5/16" filter socks for the inlet side of your fuel sender in the tank. These can get clogged or rotted off over the years and cause problems. Also available in 3/8"


item #9A011




Beltline Weatherstrip




These are the side door weatherstrips that are at the top of the door at the base of the door glass. Sometimes referred to as wipers or felts. Instructions included.


Inners/outers 4-pc set - $75






Sunvisor Rods




Plastic sunvisor rods with rubber tip.








Sunvisor Rubber Tips




Rubber sunvisor tips only.







Clutch/brake pedal pad




Clutch and brake(M/T only) pedal pad.


$8/ea or 2 for $15






Hood to cowl seal




Hood to cowl weatherstrip.



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