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74-78 Mustang Door





This is the full door weatherstripping including the molded ends. Also includes all plastic clips.





1974-1978 Mustang Roofrail




Roof rail weatherstrip that seals the side door glass to the body. Mounts on the door opening upper channel. For coupe and hatchback (non t-top) body styles.





1974-1978 Mustang Trunk/Hatch   Weatherstrip






Weatherstrip for hatchback or coupe trunk lid. Cut to fit. Fits all years.





1977-1978 Mustang 8-Piece T-top  Weatherstrip Kit


8-piece t-top weatherstrip Kit that includes A-pillar,B-pillar,t-top to roof and t-top to side door glass weatherstrips. Includes enough to do both sides. All pieces available separately as well.


$265/set of 8 pieces



1977-1978 Mustang T-top

Drip Edge Seal



This is the replacement for that little rubber flap that you see at the moulding edge of the t-top itself.





1977-1978 Mustang T-top

Felt Set




This goes around the t-top opening of your roof. This is a 1-piece rubber unit with felt flocking. We feel it is superior to the original felt wrapped aluminum units. Must be glued in place and is easily cut and notched with scissors or a knife. Includes 2 pieces that are each 6 feet long. Enough to do both sides.






1974-1978 Mustang Hatchback

Glass U-channel


Hatchback rear glass inside u-channel. Goes around the inside of the rear hatchback glass to trim out the glass opening. Rubber u-channel.



1974-1978 Mustang Beltline Weatherstrip


These are the side door weatherstrips that are at the top of the door and attach to the trim moulding. Sometimes referred to as wipers or felts. Instructions included.


Outers only 2-pc set - $49 

Inners/outers 4-pc set - $79


Note:these may require some careful straightening by hand before installing.





1974-1978 Mustang Cowl seal




Hood to cowl weatherstrip.


Please specify 1974 - 49 1/2" long or 1975-1978 30" long (shown in pic)



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