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1974-1978 Mustang Door Bumpers





Side Door anti-rattle bumpers.







1974-1978 Mustang Hatch Bumpers






74-78 Mustang rear hatch rubber bumper.







1974-1978 Mustang Coupe Trunk Bumper


74-78 Mustang coupe trunk rubber bumper.


$1.80/ea - OEM



1974-1978 Mustang Door Latch Striker


74-78 Mustang door latch striker. Nice reproduction. Bushing also available by itself but you must check to see if the big washer on your old striker will come off to be able to replace the bushing only. Some do not come apart. These new ones will.


Item #22008


$10.95/ea complete

$1/ea bushing only - make sure yours is replaceable





1974-1978 Mustang Louver Snake Emblem







Louver snake emblem. Adhesive backed. Not originally used on all years. Can also be used on 76 Cobra IIs to replace the metal grille snake emblem. These are an exact reproduction and made of metal.





1974-1978 Mustang Bumper Insert




74-78 adhesive backed bumper insert. This is a reproduction insert modeled after the 1 piece strip used on 78 Mustangs. Available in black with white stripes only. Cut to proper length.


Item # 17C829


$39.95/each or $75/pair




1974-1978 Mustang Tail Lamp Lens Gasket


74-78 Mustang tail lamp lens gasket. This is the gasket that seals the tail lamp lens to the tail lamp housing.


Item #13461






1974-1978 Mustang Sport Mirror Gasket





74-78 Mustang sport type mirror base gasket.


Item #17724




1974-1978 Mustang Side Marker Lamp Gaskets



74-78 Mustang rear side marker lamp to body gaskets.


Item #15447




Note - Rear only. Not needed or used on front marker lamps




1974-1978 Mustang License Plate Lamp Gasket



74-78 Mustang license plate light to body gasket.


Item #13568





1974-1978 Mustang Park Lamp Gaskets




74-78 Mustang parking lamp gaskets. These are for the park/turn lamps in the grille and go between the lamp face and the inside of the bezel.


Item #13211






1974-1978 Mustang Spare Tire Wingnut


Wingnut for holding spare tire. Specify 1/2" or 3/8" threads.



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